Alliant Powder Power Pro Varmint 8Lb


Varmint Alliant

8 LB

spherical smokeless light rifle powder

There’s no room for error when you’re on the broad plains overlooking a prairie dog village. This one-of-a-kind powder technology consistently offers on-target effectiveness against varmints. Ideal for varmint loads in ordinary calibers.

Made in the United States

Improved velocity and density for improved metering and loading

Reloaders can reproduce some factory-loaded ammunition.

Outstanding performance in normal varmint cartridges

Density optimized for cartridge fit

Standardization is the primary goal. Varmint
Secondary Applications: Medium Rifle Light Loads

WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals that the state of California has determined to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. More information may be found at




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