Accurate No. 2 Smokeless Powder (1 Lb)


Accurate #2

Accurate Powders is a business that lives true to its name. The whole line of smokeless powders for handguns, rifles, and shotguns has been designed and tested in the lab to enhance precision and performance. Accurate Powders combine the greatest ballistic professionals and the highest quality components to ensure that every rifle is better serviced with Accurate Powders.

Accurate No. 2 is a double-base, spherical pistol powder that burns incredibly rapidly and is ideal for a wide range of handgun calibers. Because of its low recoil and flash, the No. 2 is particularly suited for employment in short barrel, concealed carry applications. Because No. 2 is a non-position sensitive powder with low charge weights, it is a cost-effective and adaptable alternative for high-volume handgun shooters.

1 lb.

WARNING: This product may cause


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